Mental Performance

Breath work

– Pranayama –

Since we often ski at higher altitudes, improved oxygen intake is essential. Breathing properly provides oxygen levels needed to perform at maximum capacity. Another benefit of yoga’s breathing practices is the mental and physical relaxation of the body in a stressed environment. Stress reduction can also improve sleep, which in turn allows muscles to recover and be ready for another day on the hill.

Focusing on your breath will also keep you present and connected to you body. Witch is essential in skiing as everything is happening so fast. You are constantly adapting to the terrain and different types of snow.

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– Dyana –

The practice of engaging in mental exercise.  By learning to quiet the mind through meditation, we increase mental focus and clarity.

These attributes will provide a quick assessment of situations and obstacles encountered while skiing as well as helping us be present enough to properly execute the body movements necessary for efficient skiing .

If your mind is consistently wandering around, then you’re not likely to notice the giant tree you’re about to hit ! A clear and present mind allows the body to move with purpose and ease, while being aware of and able to avoid obstacles.

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– Dharana –

Yoga emphasizes mental focus, steadiness of the mind and awareness of breathing, as well as precise alignment within the body. Skiing also requires a great deal of mental focus, and proper alignment of the body is key when maneuvering through turns and around obstacles. Whether competing, exploring the backcountry, or just enjoying the groomed slopes, concentration is essential to assessing a situation and reacting quickly and properly.

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